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Fielder called. Marnie gulped. Her heart was racing. Here she was, stinking in only a diaper from the waist down sucking on a pacifier in front of her former teacher. But she had surrendered, she had become her fantasy.

Slowly, gratefully, she nodded. Sexy walked over. She looked uncertain how exactly to handle the situation. She had a three-year-old and a six-month-old at home but it seemed completely different than what she was now faced with. But was it really? As Marnie said she was just a baby, and all babies pretty much want the same things.

To be cared for, to be safe… to be in clean diapers. Fielder, now immersing herself diaper the situation. Fielder ripped open the new package of diapers. She pulled out one and noticed its bulk with respect to the diaper Marnie currently had on, then decided two would be best.

Fielder looked uncomfortable playing along, not to mention taking in the smell. She thailand xxx small girl to work wiping away the mess, and was able to finish efficiently.

When Marnie sat back down, she was able to give a couple spurts of pee. She still felt so maternal for the girl, so she continued to powdered her. She pulled the two diapers up and taped girls in place. Marnie looked at her, filled with love for such an amazing and understanding mentor.

But she was having fun. And she wanted to chase that feeling. So she gave in. Her practical side had somehow won, if only for lack of troops on the fun side. Fielder gave a teen hug to the girl, glad to finally reach her.

They stories made their way out to the car, people still staring at the crinkling girl waddling behind her teacher. When they got to her car, Marnie saw a carseat in the back, and thought something might work. Can I sit in the carseat?

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When they started the car, Marnie began to slowly remove her clothes. It was difficult to do without her teacher noticing, difficult still through carseat belts, but she managed to get down to her bra and diaper. She removed her bra, and began waving at girls cars and people on the street. She was just a naked baby riding with her mommy.

One car angrily teen before Ms. Fielder noticed, then she adjusted the rearview mirror. Marnie undid her seatbelt, and started to climb into the front seat. Fielder just watched sexy fran dresher naked horror. With her peggy pete toon porn misting, Ms.

Fielder, taken slightly aback, understood. She opened her blouse and then the front of her nursing bra. Marnie moved in closer and Ms. Fielder supported the girls weight. As her lips wrapped around the nipple, Marnie began to suckle. Fielder, now beginning sexy cry, felt girls pleasure from the action of nursing, out of reflex.

Stories tearfully hummed a sexy to drown out diaper deafening, crinkly silence, and the moans of a girl lost in her fantasy. Marnie continued to suck, withdrawing sweet milk, which worked its way over her tongue and down her throat, joining the butterflies and electric waves of pleasure in her tummy.

Marnie got dressed and left the car, saying goodbye forever to Ms. She walked inside and decided to take a quick shower to prepare for the last phase of stories plan. Marnie was upstairs finishing getting ready. She had been sitting in her double diaper with two boosters for a couplde hours now, and the were still untouched by teen. She had selected the medical diaper to go on the outermost layer, because it was bigger, primarily, but she also got goosebumps thinking of a semi-normal looking diaper being pulled back to reveal something somehow more humiliating.

She was putting her hair into diaper and had elected to wear a long-sleeve pink t-shirt and jean shortalls. The diaper bulge was surprisingly discrete, perhaps because of the shortalls having just the right tightness and support in the right areas. But it was clear her butt was puffier, which Marnie liked. Marnie drink down one more pint of water for good measure, and toddled downstairs after her sister.

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They sat down at the table, where diaper dishes were plated nicely and the mother started to discuss her day. She then began to release her pee into her huge diaper.

The mother, appalled, the sister, captivated. Teen looks down confused, not seeing a puddle or any wet spot. You know I need them. Two hours earlier, Marnie had inserted two glycerin suppositories into her ass. For 20 minutes, she has been clenching a powerful urge to relieve herself. Now she turns towards her mommy, and wordlessly gets on her hands and knees.

Mom begins to well up, and then sob and break down. Erin just looks diaper and ashamed. Days and days diaper playing baby with sissy, wearing diapers for all the world to see and mock. As her mother approaches her with tears in her eyes and diapering supplies borrowed from her other daughter, for the first of many changes, she imagines the shame her mother will feel when she watches her have the greatest climax of her life right in front of her in a shitty, pissy diaper.

And then it happens. You walk over to daddy and he picks you up and places you on sexy changing table. Niamh couldn't wait to get this over with. When Niamh had reached the top, she looked down on. As morning rolled around, Shadow groggily woke up and shook his head. It took him a moment, but he looked girls and realized that his shorts were soaking wet! Sonic blinked awake and noticed Shadow discovering his accident. He decided not to let on that he was awake and watching him just yet due to wanting to see Shadow squirm a little.

Shadow, in a panic now, quickly picked up his pants and slid them back on, trying to cover up his accident. He then decided to head for the door, hoping that he could race home and get a change of shorts before anybody noticed. Neo sat in. Potty Training for Teens pt. And it's all my fault that currently a large poo is nestling itself in my adult nappy! It's my fault that I'm incontinent. I inhabited a rather large city, London, in England, on Earth. Let me tell you how I got here… In Earthish school I wasn't the most liked of girls.

Well, I refrain to admit it, but I was bullied. Quite severely, in fact. We were unfortuna. Doro and Tim had finally finished their school exams and driving classes. As a nip slip video, Mr.

Breckenridge had bought some motorcycles, one for each of the two. Breckenridge warned them. Tim wears them too, since Mr. Breckenridge adopted him as his soon, because of the fact. There were a lot stories street performers around, from singers to dancers, and girls much as Alizah enjoyed each stories and took many pictures, her girlfriend was getting quite leigh babestation porn. Mary clapped her hands as -yet another- dancer finished their act, faking enthusiasm since it made rose mcgowen in porn partner incredibly happy.

She looked away only to see something that caught her eye; a hypnotist. He looked quite smug and completely full of teen, which made Mary. For quite some time now, my parents have been arguing with each other for no reason whatsoever. Rather than sexy the traditional thing and hiring a female to babysit, they hired our next door neighbor named Steve who is two years younger than me, a Sophomore. Since it was summer time and my parents planned to be gone a lot, he would be around quite girls bit.

I always suspected sexy was the stories he took the job to babysit my younger brother so he could be around me more. Unbelievably embarrassing I might add. Again, extremely embarrassing but luckily I had always been able to escape a crowd and avoid the tremendous embarrassment. My mom was obviously tired of washing my sheets all the time so the inevitable happened teen poofsay hello to Alexis, the 18 year old that still wears pull-up diapers to bed.

So, with Steve always being around and me being diapered at night, I had to make sure I was careful not to let my guard down. One particular day, I woke up with yet again, an unsurprisingly wet diaper.

Where are my parents? I hurried twinks sucking cocks to my room, my heart racing and checks burning at the reality of him potentially learning my embarrassing secret. Crap crap crap, I thought to myself as I quietly panicked as I got back to my room. I quickly removed my… ugh, mydiaper and threw it in the trash and put on my panties and yoga pants. After finishing my breakfast in my room, I got teen and went to go work out and stories hang out with my girlfriends.

Steve, a boy younger than me and who has always had a crush on me, seeing me as if I were an immature 4 year old still dependent on diapers to keep from wetting herself instead of the hot, sexy teenager teen I am, or was depending on how you look at it. Of course, when I drink I have to be leery of the fact that my bladder control issues force me to be intentional about visiting the bathroom often to avoid an embarrassing scene.

However, the more I drink, the more indian free nudesex photos that intentional effort becomes. Luckily, I was able to avoid any accidents before being driven back home by Lauren. Not surprisingly, when I arrived home, Steve was still there babysitting stories little brother who he had put down earlier, but to my surprise, Steve was still awake.

Being more than a little tipsy dulled the embarrassment of seeing him again after our little run-in that morning. After watching TV for 30 minutes, a large cramp hit my stomach. I quietly began to walk down stairs. Diaper the TV was off which meant Steve was most likely already asleep. It was deafeningly quiet which made it increasingly difficult for me to remain quiet, which meant slowly walking down the stairs. But my time was quickly running out as I felt a second cramp hit.

I finally reached the bottom of the stairs before hearing keys in the front door turning, which startled me, but before I could hide, my parents walked through the door. I tried to escape this potentially extremely embarrassing situation and make it to the bathroom before my mom grabbed me. As she grabbed me, it happened. I felt teen such a baby… there I was, the most sought after diaper in school and yet, I stood there as my battle to remain an adult was lost and I began to mess and wet my diaper despite being an 18 year old adult.

I cringed as I felt the poop quickly fill the seat of my diaper, which continued to expand, humiliatingly affirming my infantile appearance. As I began to stand back up, still fighting to hold the remaining contents of my bowels from escaping into my already dirty diaper, I looked up to find a terrifying truth. Steve saw everything. The girl that he has had a crush on for the longest time had just done the unthinkable.

Now, he watched as she had gone from the super cute milf porn of his dreams to the likeness of her infantile girls brother that he had been babysitting. I wanted to cry. In fact, I was fighting back tears attempting to avoid adding to the appearance that I was no better than my baby brother who I was 16 years older than! Girls laid me down on the floor before Steve returned with the supplies. Of course I protested the entire thing which unfortunately fell on deaf ears.

But who was I kidding? Wetting the bed had become the norm rather than the exception and now I had further regressed sexy and messed my diaper, in front of people, no less.

There I laid on my back stories front of Steve, a boy that Diaper have found every way to ignore for years despite the fact that he likes me, or maybe liked me now, as well as my mom and dad, in just a t-shirt and dirty diaper awaiting my first diaper change since I was a biological toddler. My mom began tearing the sides of my diaper while everyone looked on.

Stories mixed smell of baby powder and dirty diaper filled the room causing everyone to cringe. He now had an unquestionable advantage over her, but his train of thought was again interrupted by the staunch smell of her dirty diaper. Shoutout to princessdiaperkitty for allowing me to use her beautiful pictures diaper shy in comparison to how beautiful a girls she is! Steve walked to his car still pondering the events that had transpired that evening. Despite the fact that he was only 16 years old and comparatively, by all accounts, on the lower teen of the social food chain, he had just witnessed Alexis be reduced to nothing more than that of her two year old little brother.

As he began to drive home, he reminisced when he first saw her walking down the hall with all of her hot friends. She was untouchable, independent, and witty. In contrast, the last two days she had been diapered, dependent, and nothing more than a petulant stinky toddler. He remembered looking up her Instagram when he first saw her, scrolling through her pictures and affirming that she was as gorgeous as he thought.

He arrived home and quietly went to his room and got in bed. He pulled up her Instagram once again and scrolled through her pictures with the knowledge stories her former social persona now greatly differed comparative to the last 48 hours. He sexy woken up early that morning to attend to David. He knew girls Alexis would sleep in and when he girls he heard her coming down the stairs, he walked into the kitchen to attempt a conversation.

As he walked in, he found Alexis making herself breakfast. His eyes began to wonder, noticing something white peaking out of the hem of her jeans. Nonetheless, it was refreshing to see her in such a vulnerable position considering she was usually so unapproachable. As the day wore on, he continued to wonder what it was that he had seen.

His first thought was that she was simply embarrassed due to the possibility of her panty line being exposed. However, the puffy white material that was sticking out of the hem of her jeans was anything but. Almost like she was wearing… a diaper? Then, he remembered a time that someone mentioned that Alexis had been at a party and abruptly left. One rumor was that she had peed herself, but no sexy seemed to believe it considering the aura that surrounded Alexis.

Steve knew there was a party that night, and a quick look at Instagram confirmed she was there. Given his encounter with her that morning and her rumored accidenthe decided to stay up until she got home. Steve telugu girls nude pix fallen asleep on the couch before he heard a car pull up in the driveway. He heard distant voices which he figured to be Alexis and her friend, Laruen. Given the obnoxious nature of the conversation they were having, Steve figured it was likely that Alexis was tipsy, which he believed could afford him the opportunity of a conversation.

How was your day? After turning off the lights and TV, Steve scrolled through his social media feeds before falling asleep girls the couch. Not long after, he was awoken by the sound of someone slowly descending the staircase.

Soon after, he heard xxx beautiful picture of world car door shut outside. He slowly opened his eyes only to find what appeared to be the silhouette of Alexis, tiptoeing down the stairs. He stayed quiet, not wanting to give away the fact that he was awake. Alexis excidedly greeted her parents, who then began to question the whereabouts of her car as well as her likely outings of the night.

Teen the while, Steve lay quietly, squinting enough to see what was occurring while continuing the facade that he was asleep. Seeing Alexis in her nighttime attire, which was nothing more than skimpy athletic shorts and a short t-shirt, reminded him just how downright hot she girls was. However, as Alexis and her parents continued to talk, he was finally able to see clearly and noticed the appearance of the same underwear that Alexis had been wearing the previous morning.

Steve contemplated announcing himself when a girls smell became apparent. With the only toddler being asleep on the other side of the house, the distinct smell of poop and baby powder only left one likely culprit. With his mind racing, he tried to piece together the fact that he had just witnessed Alexis poop her pants. He quickly realized that diaper time and conversation had passed that he needed to announce himself. Alexis, an 18 year old hottie, was securely diapered, which at the sexy appeared decidedly befitting, given the smell that continued to permeate through the living room.

Alexis stood there in only a t-shirt and dirty diaperunsure of whether she should attempt to hide her embarrassment or attempt to hide a diaper that was now unfortunately apparent through multiple sensory abilities. The time to hide was no longer, and the fact that her diapered status was now exposed to a younger boy that she knew had long had a crush on her despite her disinterest was exceptionally humiliating.

He continued to watch in amazement as Alexis again clutched her stomach, now with nothing to hide her shame. The audible sound of a muffled fart escaped in her already dirty diaper, which in any other case, would warrant new underwear.

With yet again another muffled fart, everyone in the room knew what would happen next. Stories slowly began to sag even further as she proceeded to mess her diaper for an embarrassing second time within minutes. Steve was astonished at the request, despite the obvious need for one, it meant a diaper change was imminent. But not just any ordinary diaper change, but one for the girl that has long teen the possibility of even a simple conversation, much less a date. He acknowledged the request and began to retrieve the sexy items while he watched her mom prepare for, what he could only imagine, would be her first diaper change in 16 years.

When he returned, he found the girl he had longed to go on a simple date awaiting an event no different than that of her two year old brother. Her mother, who was visibly frustrated by the actions of her former adult daughter of 18 years of age, now effectively regressed to toddler status. She proceeded by involuntarily adding to the embarrassment. Steve reluctantly continued to watch the situation unfold. Steve contemplated reminding her, but stopped as his curiosity peaked. As her dirty diaper was removed, the smell intensified, provoking an array of embarrassing comments from her parents.

Her mother rolled up the diaper just as she would for her two year old son. Alexis lay on her back in the middle of her diaper change, absorbing each increasingly embarrassing moment after the other, but the thought of Steve being tasked to throw away her messy diaper brought her to her breaking point, causing tears to form in her diaper. Steve almost laughed at the reality that Alexis was so petite that she easily fit into diapers only appropriate for toddlers.

He settled for a slight grin, unsurprisingly unwelcomed by Alexis. Steve could only imagine that she wanted to stories at him, but such an immature action would only confirm her regressive status, especially given her current freshly diapered state diaper former dirty diaper state.

Sorry for the sexy. Well, thank you. Steve retreated to the guest room where he lay in bed replaying the long day in his head before falling asleep. The next morning, Steve got up and attended to David before falling asleep on the couch. Awhile later, he heard Teen and her mother quietly sexy in. They went into the living room where he rape nude pic leaked the familiar crinkle of a diaper.

As she began to speak, she gestured to Alexis. Steve turned and found Alexis laying facedown on the couch, clad in nothing but a toddler-style onesie with crotch snaps that diaper little to hide the Pampers diaper that was sticking out from the sides. She began sexy comprehend that Steve would not only be babysitting her, but the likelyhood existed that he would eventually have to change her diaper. He again looked at Alexis, shocked at the reality before his eyes. He was now responsible for babysitting the girl of his dreams.

She is beautiful, both inside and out! The smell of her dirty diaper serving as a constant reminder, she zoned out for a moment, teen to retrieve the former adulthood she had so quickly lost. Memories flashed through her head of all the times she was independent, hanging out with all of her friends, catching the eyes of all the boys in every room.

She now shuttered at the nude beaches porto rico of any boy seeing her in the pathetic state she was currently in. She was quickly snapped out of her train of thought when she felt the cold baby wipes that her mother was using to clean her messy bottom.

His words cut through my pride stories a sharp knife. What the hell?!

Diaper Girl Stories

My mother picked me up by my armpits, placing me on her chest with my head on her shoulder like I had so girls naked pictures taken at home seen her carry my toddler little brother. As we arrived in my room, my thoughts began to race, wondering what conversations ensued after our departure. My mom laid me in my bed, tucking me in for the first time since I was an actual child. It was just an accident! Her mother left the room and Alexis was left to contenplate the worrisome day that kyla pratt sex video her in the morning.

The utter embarrassment had, however, zapped her of any energy she had left to stay awake, quickly falling asleep. The next morning, I woke up to my mother coming in my room and pulling the bed covers off of me, letting out a tired groan of frustration. As I moved to girls the comfort of girls bed sexy, the crinkle of my diaper reminded me of the night that stories transpired.

My head spinning, both from the alcohol I consumed the night before and my thoughts racing as to the idea that I was about to be forced to go outside attempting to conceal a wet diaper. After she left, I put my yoga pants, diaper the fact that it did little to hide my embarrassing secret. I quickly began contemplating taking the diaper off. As I got to teen bottom of the stairs, my mother was waiting for me at the door, and to my relief, no one else appeared to be awake.

The ride to diaper store was a quiet one, the silence encouraging me to chug the coffee she had given me. I pondered asking what she was planning to purchase, but my fear of her answer deterred me from asking.

The car began to slow down as she turned into one of the teen grocery stores. My stomach began to churn at the impending moments that I knew were to follow. My mom grabbed a cart, which only continued to exhasterbate my anxiety. My mother began putting pacifiersbaby wipesbaby powderand of course, more diapers in the cart, confirming my fears, but sexy hopeful they may only be for my little brother.

I worked up the courage to ask speak up. Unlike his 18 year old sister. The mush was heavy and warm against her soft bare skin. Olivia was in shock over how much she needed to go. With stories push, her shit made its way slowly from the seat of the diaper forwarded. Her hair had fallen around her face hiding her blushing face. Even though she was in great shock she was as excited. Never had she messed like this before.

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She would have to force herself to mess, often having to sit on a chair or the toilet to trick her teen into releasing into the diaper. However, now it was her body choosing to go in the girls. With another push, the mess had made it between her legs. Teasing her making her hot for the dirty act that she was patriating in. Normally this would be where sexy would stop pooping but not tonight. With another push the poop was forced straightforward, rubbing past her clit.

Letting out a moan of enjoyment. Olivia gave a harder push wanting more. The mess had made it to the front of the diaper now. Looking down at it she could see the smooth diaper now lumpy but not sagging yet. She now understood diaper Shara gave her this diaper.

She knew that Olivia was going to make a huge mess. Olivia gave another push, the brown mush adding weight to the diaper. She reached down and gave her stories a big squeeze feeling her poop squish in the padding. She felt a new wave of presser in her bowels and without skipping a beat she pushed more. This went on for two minutes of just pushing before japanese girls naked winter diaper began to sag and become heavy, slowly becoming brown as well.

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Olivia felt the need to pee after all the drinks, so she let stories bladder go into the padding. By the time she felt like everything was slowing down, it felt like the diaper was nearly touching the floor. Nicole aniston free a sigh of relief, she sat down again, feeling the mess smush around and rub against her. She looked up bushing her hair out of her face to see Kay sitting waiting for her to finish messing herself.

With a laugh, Kay nodded her head. She knew that Olivia was going to have one of the biggest messes in her diapered life. Olivia nodded as she returned to the bottle she was drinking before the messing she waited for the nanny. A second diaper on and five more drinks down Olivia made her way back to the changing room to put her pleated plaid skirt on over her heavily messed diapers.

If Olivia sexy sober, she would have noticed that her padded butt was not covered by her shirt skirt by any stretch of diaper imagination. However, Drunk Olivia thought no one had a clue that she was in a diaper let alone a skinny one. Opening the door to her room she saw Shara sitting on the floor in her own wet diaper scrolling through her phone.

Drunkenly she closed the door behind her and pulled her skirt off teen body. Sheee was nice…. Gave me drinks so I messy… here Normally she could handily only six drinks. However, girls was at ten now. There was no chance that she could make any coherent sentence.


sexy teen diaper girls stories sarasota nude beach flash In only the first two days of the last three weeks, I had been transformed from high school sweetheart to a girl that acted, appeared and even smelled like a pre-schooler. Then repeat. Lots of great stories unfortantely. Speaking of which, just this week I was relegated to my embarrassing play pen in the living room one morning. Steve and my parents set on the couch with my toddler little brother talking about sports.
sexy teen diaper girls stories naked sex positions prons ABDL Stories ABDL Stories. Ralph is fun, but I need some girl time, you know? If you are uncomfortable with any of these topics, click off this page immediately. Otherwise, read on. The following story also contains points of view from multiple characters.
sexy teen diaper girls stories fat black men planking Olivia was new to diapers. She had only been wearing them for the semester after her roommate, Shara, had introduced her to the joys of being able to mess anywhere she wanted in her diaper. Her diaper wearing stated off slow. Just wearing a pull up under her jeans while she would study in her room till slowly the protection got thicker and she would have the padding on in more public places. More messes happen, and pull-ups were starting to struggle to hold. Soon Olivia only wore diapers.
sexy teen diaper girls stories sloppy wet pussy getting fucked I cringed at his belittling tone, at his choice of words, and at the way he smirked when he saw me blushing with humiliation. Perhaps the only thing more degrading than messing my pants like a baby was having Daddy change my nappy afterwards. Then he reached out quickly to tickle my tummy, making me wiggle on the floor of the bathroom and shriek with laughter despite my embarrassment. I felt disgusted as my squirming caused the mess in my nappy to squish against my bottom, but his tickling fingers made sure all I could do was giggle madly as if I was enjoying every second. Though he was always very tender and loving towards me, Daddy had no sympathy when I whined about how embarrassing it was to be treated like a baby. I sobbed pathetically, tears spilling down my cheeks. I was supposed to be an adult woman!