Jassper Jass Duo

Juhani Piha on the left side holding his banjo. Tapani Renkonen on the right with his clarinet.
This picture has been taken in the office of RJP-tekniikka Oy, Malmi, Helsinki

Both musicians in the Jassper Jass Duo are original members of The Old Time Jazz Band. Juhani has already earlier left active playing on gigs, but he hasn't anyway thought to end his glowing enthusiasm to play traditional jazz.
It was just in the beginning of the year 2000 that these former OTJB companions made a habit to play together as a duo.
Tapani Renkonen retired from OTJB in 2006 to join Jassper as the only playing arena.
So Jassper will serve as a place for retired. Long live the enthusiasm to traditional jazz!

During the years 1926..29 there was really a boom in Chicago for small groups to record Jazz. Very often the musicians were members of various dancebands and gathered together just for recording sessions. Normally there was a piano player, a clarinetist and a drummer playing mainly on woodblocks or washboard. Sometimes the group was completed by a cornetist and a banjo or a guitar player. Quite often the pieces were composed by some member of the band.

We both, have always been enthusiasted for these records and tried, not to imitate but enjoy the pleasure of playing these and see how close to the originals we are able to reach.

We have made four CD-records. They are documents of our enthusiasm and born during our normal rehearsals.

Jassper Jass Duo
Jassper Plays a Tribute to Great Jazz Pioneers
Jassper Is Here Again
Jassper Duo, CD Nr4

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