In the beginning when JAZZ was young the spelling of this new word had not reached a common fixed form. Variations like JAS, JASS, JAZ and JAZZ were in use. However quite soon the last form JAZZ became the most popular, as it still is.
A traditionalist could however claim that JASS would be as good as anyother!

PERINNE is a Finnish word for tradition. Thus we could say that the first syllable PER represents tradition!

A drummer, xylophonist, washboardplayer and vocalist JASPER TAYLOR started his career with W .C.Handy in StLouis. Later in the 20th he played in nearly all important Jazzbands in the region of Chicago and New York. He also led his own recording small band including such legends as Freddie Keppard, Johnny Dodds and Tiny Parham.

So JASSPER is a natural choice for name for a band concentrating on small group Traditional Jazz. JASS for old spelling of Jazz, PER for tradition in Finnish and it also reverts to famous JASPER Taylor.

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