J. S. Bach: Air

This is a musical exercise, where I play clarinet with myself in four-tuned composition by J. S. Bach : "Air"; the arrangement made by Clare Fisher, an American musician and composer. The original arrangement was made for eight different clarinets with piano accompaniment. In it there existed four different tunes which I modified to fit to the registers of my clarinet.
I started to record those one by one beginning with the bass melody, which could be useful in syncronizing the other melodies. Then I moved the tune to my computer and played it by headphones to record second melody. Mixing that in computer with the bass melody and then repeating the method until all four melodies were recorded, the final outcome was my four-part version of "Air". The end result isn't very artistic but at least interenting.
I hope you are able to enjoy!

J. S. Bach: Air (arr. Clare Fisher), Stefan's One Man Chamber Quartet

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